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5 Ways to Monsoon-Proof Your Home

5 Ways to Monsoon-Proof Your Home

The incessant downpour may look breath-taking from out of the window, but inside, is a whole different deal altogether. Leaking walls, fungus-prone wooden furniture, damp carpets, and worst of all, wet floors. But, don’t let any of that put your spirits down! Here go five tips to monsoon-proof your home, so that you can enjoy the season in full swing without worrying about damage to your living space:

  1. Check for leakages in all corners
    One of the worst things to come home to is leaking walls all across the house that becomes a nuisance. Therefore, as soon as possible, get any leakages fixed to avoid water seeping into your living space. What’s more, there are adhesives available especially to stop water leakages, so, use them wherever necessary.

  2. Always use a dry cloth for wiping things
    You don’t want to further moisten your wooden furniture now, do you? If you’re habitual of using a wet cloth to wipe clean stuff around the house, switch it up with a dry cloth instead. It’ll avoid any moisture increase, and keep your things clean. Better still, use a cleaning agent specifically meant to clean wooden furnishings.

  3. Get all wires checked
    Moisture and electricity don’t exactly go hand in hand, do they? Just in case you have any loose wires around the house, tend to them immediately so as to avoid any electric shock. Furthermore, heavy rains can result in electrical failure, which can be extremely dangerous for the kids in the house.

  4. Clean all the drains
    Heavy rains come with clogged drains due to excess of water, especially in the porch or terrace areas. A simple way to ensure that the drains in your home are clean is to unclog them religiously every week. The collected water is often a source of infections, and if not tended to, can overflow into your house.

  5. Keep changing your linens
    Your linens are not immune to the heavy moisture in the air during monsoon, which is why you must keep changing them every week. Don’t let the moisture settle onto them as it can lead to fungus and bad smells. Wash them at home regularly to keep them fresh and clean.

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