Moving Into A New House? Here Are A Few Valuable Vaastu Tips

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The ancient Indian architectural science of Vaastu Shastra has been popularly put into practice for centuries by real estate developers as well as homeowners. It is believed that Vaastu-compliant homes are happy, healthy and prosperous. Certain general principles of Vaastu prescribe the ideal directions and locations of the main door, bedroom, kitchen, etc. in the home. However, there are many simple ways in which you can correct certain existing Vaastu defects in the home.

If you’re moving into a new home, here are some Vaastu tips you can use:

  1. A welcoming entrance: The main door and entrance to the home are of prime importance as per Vaastu. Hanging up a nameplate at the entrance of your house is believed to invite great opportunities for prosperity and success into your life. Metal bells at the entrance of your home can bring peace, tranquility and the music of positivity to your house. A clean and well-lit entrance passage is also recommended.

  2. Clean and well-maintained doors and windows: The doors and windows of your house are recognized as the entryways into your home, so it is essential to keep them clean and to oil the hinges regularly.

  3. Lights and fragrances: Decorate your home with earthen lamps and infuse it with natural fragrances to promote calm and positive vibrations that bring happiness and peace of mind.

  4. A mirror-free bedroom: As per the prescriptions of Vaastu, hanging up a mirror in front of your bed can have ill effects on your health. If at all you choose to put up a mirror in your bedroom, make sure that it is placed away from the bed.

  5. The flow of life: An aquarium or a fish bowl installed in your living space represents the movement of life and brings peace and tranquility to the home.

  6. A clean and sterile kitchen: The kitchen is believed to the most sacred space in the home, and Vaastu recommends that medicines should never be stored in the kitchen in order to ward off signs that denote illness and to ensure good health.

  7. Ideal locations for rooms: If you are yet to buy your home, keep in mind that each room must be located in a particular direction to have a positive impact on its inhabitants. A living room is located in the east zone of the apartment can strengthen social bonds. Bedrooms between the east and southeast zones are best avoided, as this can cause disturbed sleep and anxiety. The kitchen, on the other hand, is best located in the southeast zone.

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