Tips to choose the perfect home when you have a nuclear family

Tips to choose the perfect home when you have a nuclear family

Nuclear families are the norm as against the exception as it used to be years ago in our country. When families lived together in a joint system, things were entirely different. The change in culture, the need for children to move to cities away from parents, education, change in professions and a lot more have contributed to this change. Families everywhere have embraced nuclear family set up with ease.

In most nuclear setups, both parents work and choosing the ideal home largely centres around the needs and safety of the child. Smaller and affordable homes that satisfy all the needs of the child are the most sought after homes in urban areas these days.

If you are on the lookout for a home that would be perfect for your nuclear family, here are some tips to help you choose the right home:

  1. A healthy environment: A congenial and pollution-free environment is the most important when choosing a home for a family, be it a nuclear or joint setup. Children need a healthy environment where they can play in the company of peers and compensate for the absence of grandparents and cousins like they would have in a joint family. If not within the development, parks and playgrounds should be available within reach for children to play and grow up in.

  2. Security: As a parent, you would never want to take chances with the safety of your child. With both parents working, the safety of your child is of utmost importance. Choose communities that offer CCTV camera and other security features. Ensure you discuss safety as an important feature with the builder and existing occupants in case of a ready to move in home.

  3. Well utilized space: As a parent, you must have now realised as children grow, the need for space also grows. Children need more space to grow, explore and learn in. At the same time, it is not possible for you to update your home every few years. So choose a home that makes the most out of the available space. Choose homes that are space efficient that can adapt to your child’s needs.

  4. Possibility to upgrade: While having a home that can adapt as your child grows is great, but sometimes the only option that you will be left with is to upgrade to a bigger home. And if it comes down to selling your home to move to a bigger one, then you must make sure you choose a home that would be in demand years down the line. Homes by good builders, in a good location with good construction quality, are easy to sell.

  5. A well-connected location: Parents prioritize the needs of their children over theirs. So when you choose a home, it is only obvious that you would want to find a home that is close to your kid’s school. Make sure the home you are about to invest in is within the reach of your little one’s school and has infrastructure that would encourage your child to learn other co-curricular activities. It would be great if you could also find a home that is close to your office so you can come back home to spend more time with your munchkin.

We hope our tips to choose the perfect locality when you have a nuclear family will help you in your search for your dream home. All said, it is always ideal that you choose a home by a reputed builder who keeps in mind all the needs of your family while constructing a property.

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