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Why buy ready possession apartments?

Do the right thing by buying a ready possession apartment

Are you interested in moving a to a ready possession apartment? Well, there are several benefits of doing that. Buying a home is a huge decision and should be taken with caution. Once you shift in to your home, you sure won’t leave that home at least for quite a many years unless you get a much better deal at a better location with larger sized home.

Now let’s look at some advantages of ready-to-move-in property

Immediate authority of your flat

Nobody likes to wait for a long time. With an immediate possession home, you have the privilege to shift right away without wasting 3-5 years which otherwise take for an under construction property.

A curtailed risk involvement

In a ready-to-move-in property there are no risks of a delay in possession. But when it comes to an under construction property, project delays are much more common and rampant. There are many cases where a builder has cheated buyers. So, you need to be highly cautious while selecting a builder for an under-construction property.

No hide and seek

With ready possession homes, you’ll get exactly what you see. In case of an under-construction property, it’s all about what’s sold on papers. Sometimes, there can be some discrepancies in what you get in the end and what you were initially promised.

Instant tax benefits

In a ready-to-move-in property you can earn tax exemption on your home loan on both principal and interest repayment immediately. But tax benefits on home loan for an under-construction property can be claimed only after you get the flat possession. That’s a long wait again!

You get a chance to check the infrastructure

When you buy a ready-to-move-in property, you can check the infrastructure and all the facilities offered along with the flat before buying the property which is a huge benefit in itself.

Buy within your budget

In a ready-to-move-in property, you can choose a homethat respects your budget. If your budget is lesser, you can buy a home that appeases your pocket. Whereas, when you buy an under-construction property,suppose if the project gets delayed for three or more years, then there are chances that the builder/ developer might ask you for that extra cost of construction which you’ll have to bear for no rhyme or reason.

Ease of selling

It’s much easier to sell a ready possession home. It is quite tough to sell an under-construction property, especially if its possession is delayed or it’s involved in litigation.In mostsituations, developers do not allow the transfer of apartments until the project is finished

Hope the above mentioned points help you make a wiser decision because after all home is the lifeline of our heart. Go on, shift in a ready possession home. Good luck and happy living!